Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy is a very important part of the treatment of knee conditions both before and after surgery. After a knee injury, even if surgery is going to be required, physiotherapy can help speed up the early recovery and make sure you get the most from your surgery.

If surgery is not required, then physiotherapy can speed up recovery from the injury and help prevent further problems with your knee.

It is important to note that the rehabilitation protocols given on this site are simply guidelines and may vary with individual physiotherapists.

Physiotherapy after key-hole Surgery

Keyhole knee surgery is recommended when there are cartilage problems. The specific physiotherapy will depend on the type of surgery performed. Physiotherapy will however, play a crucial role in the healing process.

A registered physiotherapist will aim to reduce swelling, help restore normal range of movement, regain muscle strength, and help you return to your normal routine effectively. Your physiotherapist can advise on pain management.

Your physiotherapist can create some customised exercises depending on your needs.

Physiotherapy after ACL surgery

An ACL injury happens when the ligament is stretched beyond usual range or is torn.

After your ACL reconstruction surgery, you need to take extra care when carrying out activities.

Physiotherapy after ACL surgery involves exercises for the different phases of the rehabilitation procedure. The exercises will aid in strengthening the muscles around your knee and will help you get back to your normal activities.

Your physiotherapist will suggest the activities you can partake in at each stage of your rehabilitation program and the activities you must refrain from. Stick to their advice for the best results.

Physiotherapy after Knee Replacement

They will demonstrate how to move around with the help of an assistive device, and moving in and out of your bed. Your physiotherapist will help keep track of your progress and gradually wean you off the assistive device so you can move independently.

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