Patient testimonials

“I’m well chuffed!  My knee is loads better; I can use the stairs at work now with no problems.”

Mrs M D –following a successful knee arthroscopy & chondroplasty procedure to treat a cartilage tear and damaged joint surface.

“I felt an immediate improvement in my knee after the keyhole surgery. The pain has gone and already I’ve got full movement back. I’m starting back at the gym next week!”

Mrs BM – 3 weeks after a successful knee arthroscopy procedure for a torn cartilage.

“I’m loving the fact I can walk without pain.”

Mrs SK – following a knee arthroscopy and chondroplasty procedure for a damaged joint surface.

“I had a cartilage tear that was causing me pain and stopping me from doing things I wanted to do. After my arthroscopy I noticed an immediate improvement in my symptoms. I’m back on the golf course again!”

Mr I J – Knee arthroscopy for a torn cartilage.

“I had been using sticks and a walking frame for years because of my knee arthritis. Now less than 2 months after my knee replacement surgery I can walk up and down stairs and to the shops and I don’t need my sticks anymore! I can’t thank Mr Stables enough.”

Mrs M S –  6 weeks following knee replacement surgery  for osteoarthritis.


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