Benefits of Knee Re-alignment Surgery

Benefits of Knee Re-alignment Surgery

Knee osteotomy surgery involves cutting the bone to correct the alignment of the knee, and enhance its function while also reducing the pain associated with chronic arthritis.

It is usually recommended for people with early stage osteoarthritis, wherein the damage has occurred only on one side of the knee. The goal of the surgery is to shift the weight from the painful side of the knee to the healthier side of the knee.

What is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis  can develop when the knee bones and the leg do not align properly. This can put additional stress on the inner side (medial) or the outer area (lateral) of your knee. With time, this additional pressure can affect the smooth cartilage protecting the bones. This will cause stiffness and further pain in your knee.

Goals of Knee Osteotomy Surgery

There are three goals of knee osteotomy surgery. Your knee osteotomy doctor will recommend this to:

  • Transfer weight from the painful side of the knee to the healthier part of the knee
  • Rectify knee alignment
  • Lengthen the life of your knee joint

Benefits of Knee Osteotomy Surgery

Your knee osteotomy surgery Cheshire specialist can help you to preserve your knee joint.

You can delay the need for a joint replacement surgery for many more years.

After your knee osteotomy surgery, you can get back to all kinds of physical activity including  high impact activity such as playing sports and running. These activities are usually not recommended after a knee replacement surgery. If you want to resume to high impact activities, your knee osteotomy surgery Cheshire will recommend this option.

Things to Know about Knee Osteotomy Surgery

  • Your knee osteotomy surgery Cheshire expert will point out some of the things to consider about this option so you can make an informed decision.
  • Healing after knee osteotomy surgery takes long time
  • Risks and benefits of the surgery and other treatments
  • You will need to use crutches during the rehabilitation period after surgery
  • Knee osteotomy surgery does not replace any cartilage you may have lost, nor does it repair any remaining cartilage

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