Arthrosamid® is a new type of treatment that offers patients an effective alternative to current therapies. It is a non-biodegradable hydrogel (iPAAG) that is injected into the knee to cushion the joint and relieve pain.

What is Arthrosamid®?

Arthrosamid® is a new type of treatment for knee osteoarthritis that offers you an effective alternative to the currently available therapies like steroid injections or knee replacement surgery. Based on an innovative non-biodegradable hydrogel technology, Arthrosamid® is 97.5% water with 2.5% being a cross linked polyacrylamide backbone. When injected into the knee Arthrosamid® cushions the joint and reduces pain, providing safe and sustained pain relief, all with one injection.

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How does it work?

Arthrosamid® is an intra-articular polyacrylamide hydrogel injection (iPAAG) for the symptomatic treatment of knee osteoarthritis. Once injected into your knee joint cavity, it restores the consistency of your synovial fluid, the lubricating fluid in your knee, improving lubrication and cushioning of the joint. Arthrosamid® also integrates into the synovium or lining of your inner joint capsule creating a cushion-like effect and blocks the inflammation pathways that can cause knee pain.

  • Over 20 years of research and development
  • Arthrosamid is safe for intended use
  • Over 1,000,000 hydrogel injections have been given worldwide

What’s involved with Arthrosamid treatment?

Arthrosamid® treatment for knee osteoarthritis that is a minimally invasive out-patient procedure.

It is performed under local anaesthesia, with ultrasound guidance. Arthrosamid is injected into your joint. You do not need to stay in hospital for treatment.

What are the benefits of Arthrosamid treatment?

Simple – It is a simple out-patient procedure that means you can go home the same day.

Safe - Arthrosamid® is safe for intended use and is biocompatible which allows it to integrate with the tissues in your knee. The overall safety profile of the hydrogel has undergone two decades over of research and development with approximately 1,000,000 hydrogel units used for various indications in the body.

Sustained - In clinical trials, patients reported a reduction in their pain levels by Week 4 after their injection. The reduction in pain was sustained change over 156 weeks. Arthrosamid® trials continue to follow patients for 5 years.

What are the side effects of Arthrosamid?

Before you are given an Arthrosamid® injection, you will also have a local anaesthetic, which may sting a little, to numb the area around your knee. No serious adverse events linked to Arthrosamid® have been reported in studies. The most commonly reported side effects were injection related mild to moderate pain and or joint swelling, which were generally transient in nature.


Clinical evidence references for Arthrosamid treatment

Gareth Stables

Cheshire Orthopaedic surgeon, Mr Gareth Stables, is a fully UK trained Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in knee surgery. Gareth has the highest qualifications possible for an orthopaedic surgeon in the UK, FRCS (T&O), and is on the GMC specialist register for Trauma and Orthopaedic surgery.

Gareth specialises in; keyhole or knee arthroscopy surgery, ligament reconstruction surgery, knee osteotomy and knee replacement surgery. He has over 15 years of experience in the field having qualified with a commendation in 1998 from the University of Liverpool Medical School.

"My life was transformed and the pain almost negligible.... Now no painkillers or stick. I cannot thank my caring consultant enough. I will be ever grateful for his wisdom"

"Brilliant treatment from start! Had arthritis in knee joint.Was given injection and the effect was immediate! Brilliant. Would recommend to anyone. One of the most helpful doctors I have ever seen(and I`m 73 !!)"

"Mr Stables was very understanding, patient and thoroughly competent. I would recommend anyone to have knee replacements by him. The whole experience was worthwhile and very good for my quality of life."