Knee Arthroscopy Operation – Treatment Summary

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Unbearable knee joint pain can cause havoc with everyday living. You may find it difficult to bend, sit, stand, walk or run. The reason for pain in knee joints can vary. Your doctor will want to understand the symptoms and then recommend the right treatment. For this, the medical expert may want to look at the knee joint from inside and repair the damage. Your private knee doctor Cheshire professional may recommend arthroscopy operation and treatment.

What is Arthroscopy?

A private knee doctor Cheshire expert will carry out a keyhole operation or arthroscopy procedure to cure knee joint pains. He will make two small cuts on the skin around the knee joint area. Sterile fluid is pumped into the joint with the help of the first cut and then a narrow tube-like telescopic called arthroscope is inserted into the second cut.

The doctor will be able to view the joint directly with the help of the arthroscope or may view the pictures on a screen.

Other instruments may be inserted into the cut if your private knee doctor Cheshire expert feels it necessary. This is usually done to repair damage, remove material from the knee joint and treat conditions such as arthritis, inflammation and similar medical problems.

After the arthroscopy is completed, the fluid is drained out. The cuts are closed with stitches or adhesive strips. A dressing or bandage may also be applied.

Arthroscopy and Anaesthesia

Your private knee doctor Cheshire expert will recommend arthroscopy only under general anaesthesia. At times, epidural or spinal anaesthesia may also be recommended. It is always important to discuss this with your surgeon and anaesthetist.

Time Taken for Arthroscopy

The entire process of knee joint pain treatment by arthroscopy takes around half an hour to an hour at the most. These treatments are usually taken as a day-case and you can go home after the procedure.

Before you are allowed to go home, your private knee doctor Cheshire will make sure a physiotherapist guides you about exercises for moving your joints.

Post-operative Care

Some patients who have undergone arthroscopy may complain of pain, stiffness or swelling around the joint after the operation. However, this condition lasts only for a few weeks. The knee exercises advised by the physiotherapist can help ease the pain during post-operative care.
It is important that you follow all the instructions of your private knee doctor Cheshire expert for arthroscopy treatment.

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