When is Knee Arthroscopy Performed?

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Knee arthroscopy is an investigative and corrective surgery that is becoming an increasingly popular option for both surgeons and patients alike. In this process, a tiny camera called an arthroscope is inserted into the knee of the patient by making a small insertion.

This camera sends real time images to a computer screen. These images help the knee arthroscopy Cheshire expert to identify the problems and carry out corrective surgeries accordingly. This procedure is very effective in curing several knee problems.

Tear in Meniscus

Meniscus is a flexible but tough tissue that is like a cushion for the ends of the bones in the knee joint. This is a great shock absorber which when torn can lead to limited movement of the knees. Your knee arthroscopy Cheshire doctor can cure meniscal tear with this minimally invasive surgery.

ACL or PCL Damage

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) or Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) injuries lead to instability of the knees coupled with pain, swelling and stiffness. With this surgery you will get back your normal posture in no time.

Collateral Ligament Injury

The collateral ligaments provide stability to the knee and keep the bones in their right place. After a collateral ligament injury, you may need a knee arthroscopy to get rid of a locked or swollen knee. You will also get back the stability of the knees after a corrective treatment through knee arthroscopy.

Damaged Synovium

The synovium is a soft tissue that lines the entire inner surface of the joints. When this lining gets swollen or damaged, the pain and discomfort resulting from it can be cured by your knee arthroscopy Cheshire expert.

Misaligned Patella

Knee arthroscopy can effectively take care of a misaligned knee cap or patella and give back strength and comfort to your knees.

Broken or Defective Cartilage and Knee Bone Fracture

After a cartilage injury, small or broken pieces of cartilage may remain in the knee joint. There might be some defects in the cartilage, too. All these, as well as a knee bone fracture can be cured with the help of knee arthroscopy.

Baker’s Cyst

This is a bulge or swelling on the hind side of the knee that result from a build-up of synovial fluid. The resultant discomfort and pain can be taken care of through knee arthroscopy.

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