3 Questions to ask your surgeon

When it comes to deciding what treatments to have for your knee problem, there will normally be many choices for you to consider.

For example, you may be asked:

  • To choose whether or not you want to have certain treatments.
  • To choose between different types of treatment
  • If you want to carry on with the same treatment you are already having

“Your decision should depend on what is important to you.”

If you are asked to make a choice, you may well have lots of questions that you want to ask. You may want time to talk through your options with your family and friends.

You need to feel comfortable that your surgeon has given you enough time and space to make your decision. You should not feel rushed. It’s important to explore all your options. If you feel pressured then perhaps it’s time to look for another surgeon!

You may find it useful to write a list of questions you want answered and take it with you to your appointment.

It can be useful to start with 3 basic questions. Getting answers to these 3 key questions can help you make the right decisions about your treatment.

  1. What are my options?
  2. What are the pros and cons of each option for me?
  3. How can I get support to make the decision that is right for me?
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You should not feel pressurised to make a decision straight away. You might find it useful to take time to consider your options, perhaps discussing them with friends and family before coming to a decision. A “ cooling off ” period can allow you time to think and work out what is the right treatment for you.

You should make sure that you understand the information you are given about your treatment choices, and don’t be afraid to ask if you are not sure about anything.

At the My Knee Doc Specialist Knee Clinic we always do our best to make sure you have all the information, support and time you need to make a decision.

We offer both surgical and non-surgical treatments and will only offer treatments that we think will benefit you.

This “ shared decision making “ approach, whereby your surgeon shares the best available evidence with you and supports you in considering your options should help you make the right decision.

Get ready for your consultation.

Be prepared. Before you come in for your appointment make sure you have as much information as possible, talk to your doctor of physiotherapist, we offer a FREE telephone consultation for patients to answer any questions they may have about their knee problems. Write a list of questions and take them with you to your appointment. It’ll help you remember to ask the important things and make the right choices.

If you’re suffering from knee pain – get your free copy of my guide to find out everything you need to know about how to manage your symptoms.