The Six Best Pedal Exercisers To Help With Your Knee Pain

What is a Pedal Exerciser?


The pedal exerciser is a type of mini exercise bike. It is designed for low impact indoor workouts. Pedal exercisers use the pedal mechanism to help strengthen your legs and arms.  They are a great way to improve heart fitness and a really great way to improve joint health for those with knee pain and knee arthritis. I often advise my patients to do this kind of exercise daily.

Normally, it doesn’t come with a handlebar or seat. Most are really compact and can be easily stored away out of sight when not in use.

You can use it in your office, bedroom, or anywhere you like. You can even exercise while watching TV.

They are usually more affordable than a normal size exercise bike and a lot easier to set up and start using.

Why Should I Exercise with Knee Arthritis?

I’ve written before about the benefits of exercise when it comes to knee arthritis. You can find out more here. It does really help people get control of their pain and has other benefits too. Exercise is proven to be the most effective treatment for mild and moderate osteoarthritis of your joints. Exercise can help you live longer, it decreases the risks of muscle loss (sarcopenia), frailty and osteoporosis.


What Should I Consider When Buying a Pedal Exerciser?

Before you buy a pedal exerciser for knee pain, there are a few things that you should think about.

  • Get advice from your Doctor

If you have any health issues, you should always consult your doctor before starting this kind of exercise. It is important especially when you have any heart disease.

  • Size of the pedal exerciser

Before you buy a pedal exerciser for knee pain, please check the height and the width. If the height of the is shorter than the width it usually means it is more stable. Also, you should check it fits your spaces as well.

  • Digital display

Some people like to keep track of their workouts.  You can choose a pedal exerciser with a digital display. Therefore you can check your workout values such as calories, distance, speed, number of turns and time.

  • Adjustable resistance levels

As you get stronger you might want to increase the resistance level. This can help you get stronger thigh muscles which have been shown to help with knee arthritis. Choose an exerciser where you can adjust the resistance level.

  • Quietness

This is another important feature that you should consider before buying the pedal exerciser. Whether you will be using it at home or in the office, you should consider the quietness so that you don’t disturb others when working out.

  • Price

There are many pedal exercisers in the market today. You should easily get a pedal within your budget. Make sure you get the best available one in your price range.

Top 6 Pedal Exercisers for Knee Pain

NRS Healthcare Pedal Exerciser

This is one of the most compact exercise cycles around. Its simple design is easy to set up. Great to help rebuild strength and movement or even as a starter on a gradual exercise programme.

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Himaly Folding Home Pedal Exerciser

Lightweight & Foldable this exerciser has a digital display, easily adjustable resistance and can be assembled easily without the need for any tools. It’s folding design means it is portable you could even take it to work and use it at your desk.

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Ultrasport Mini Bike, Arm and Leg Trainer


This Compact home trainer has the added benefit of hand and foot pedals with an adjustable pedal strap. This means you can get an upper-body workout too. It can be easily used while seated - which means that you can train while watching TV. It has a handy carrying handle built into the design. It does, however, need assembly although this is straightforward.



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Niceday Magnetic Mini Bike

This pedal exerciser features a reliable and quiet magnetic 8 Level resistance system with an easy to adjust tension knob. It also has 2-way pedals that can be used for an arm workout too. It’s lightweight and portable and has a display to show you how many turns you’ve done, time exercising and calories burnt.


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Aidapt Deluxe Motorised Pedal Exerciser


This motorised Electric Mini Exerciser Bike will give you a helping hand to get your knee joints moving. The resistance can be adjusted to increase the workout but the motor will help you get those stiff joints moving again. It has a remote that allows you to adjust the speed and resistance. Ideal for rehabilitation and general exercise.

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New MotorVator Twin Drive Plus


This is another motorised pedal exerciser offers you a low impact Motor Assisted cycle for both your legs and arms. It can be used without the motor too. There are adjustable speed and resistance options. Ideal for those with poor mobility or weak thigh muscles. It is compact, easy to store, with a built-in carry handle for you to easily move it around your home. It has adjustable pedal straps, computerised digital display providing information on distance, calories, repetitions and total repetitions and a slip-resistant protective floor mat for use on a variety of surfaces.

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Many of my patients with knee arthritis have stiff muscles. A pedal exerciser is a great way to do low impact exercise which is great for managing knee arthritis symptoms and rehabilitation. 


How can I Get Help With My Knee Pain?


As with any condition, it’s important to get the right diagnosis and the right advice and treatment sooner rather than later. Often if diagnosed early knee arthritis will respond to non-invasive treatments such as physiotherapy and exercise. If things aren’t settling then here at the My Knee Doc clinic we offer treatments such as specialist knee injections which can help you stay in control of your symptoms without the need for pain-killers.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help or if you just want to speak to our specialist knee surgeon Mr Gareth Stables then click here and arrange your free call back.


If you’re suffering from knee pain – get your free copy of my guide to find out everything you need to know about how to manage your symptoms.