6 Tips to get the most out of your virtual consultation

The tipping point for telehealth and virtual consultations has just happened. Many ways of doing business will change forever after the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic, and health care, too, will never be the same. All the major insurance companies now cover the costs of telehealth visits, consequently, innovation and adoption are taking off like wildfire. As patients are self-isolating their doctors are rapidly experimenting, and improving the way care is being delivered remotely. 

What can I get out of a virtual consultation?

I remember my first posting to the wards as a medical student. It was on the geriatric ward. The words of the Professor still resonate with me today…”90% of diagnoses can be made by just listening to what your patient tells you”. That advice still holds true and is something that I have put into practice to this day. 

The popularity of virtual consultations has increased rapidly in the past few years, as advances in technology have offered an affordable, easy way for patients to connect with their doctor from anywhere and get immediate treatment. Virtual doctor visits, improve care outcomes. With simply a compatible device, Internet connection, microphone, and webcam – you can now get medical treatment. That’s the beauty of real-time telemedicine.

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What are the benefits of virtual consultations?

Doctor visits are not always convenient today, the time to get to the clinic, park, check-in and then wait to be seen can take a couple of hours. The use of video is a great option to avoid traffic and shorten your care path by seeing a doctor immediately from home without going to the hospital. 

Remote consultations can also reduce significantly the possible transmission of infectious diseases between patients which can occur in germ-filled waiting rooms. particularly important during this current coronavirus pandemic. 

No matter where you are, you don’t need to travel to the doctor’s office, this way you save money on petrol and parking and the cost is covered by healthcare insurers and is usually less than an in-person appointment.

6 Top Tips to Get the Most of Your Virtual Consultation

1. Make sure you use a good internet connection

Virtual visits work best when your provider can clearly see you and hear. That means you need to use a high internet connection in order to facilitate communication between you and the doctor.

2. Make a note of all your symptoms beforehand

Take a minute or two before starting the virtual visit to jot down all of your symptoms in order not to forget to mention them during the consultation. The information you provide is valuable for the final diagnosis of your doctor.

3. Help optimise your medical information

Your consultant may have limited or no information about your medical history. Make the most of your visit by having the names and doses of your medications handy, as well as any other important information about your health, including drug allergies; dates and types of surgeries; and past hospitalisations.



4.No question is bad or stupid don’t fear to ask

Don’t end the consultation feeling confused. You have the right to know what is happening to your body. So make sure you understand everything that is said to you. If you don’t understand, just ask your doctor to repeat or re-explore until you understand.

5. Stay engaged throughout the video consultation

Act as you would during an in-person visit: ask any questions, give your doctor a thorough explanation of your medical issue and symptoms, and listen closely. Make sure you’re looking into the camera and staying close to your device so your provider can see and hear you.

6. Repeat back to make sure you understand the instructions

Repeat Back is a strategy to make sure you understand the instructions given to you by your healthcare practitioner. If your doctor doesn’t ask you to explain instructions back to them, ask for that opportunity. Say, “I’m going to repeat back your instructions to make sure I understand you properly. Please correct any mistakes I make. ” Then, in your own words, try to describe the diagnosis, treatment and/or next steps.

How can I arrange a Virtual Consultation?

The first thing to say is that most surgeons are not set up to offer this service so check with your doctor or insurance company first.

Most of the healthcare insurers are now funding virtual consultations, if you are paying for your own appointment, virtual consultations often represent great value for money.

In my virtual consultations, I’ll usually be able to give you a diagnosis, recommend treatments and arrange further tests if required. 

I have also teamed up with a Specialist Physiotherapist and we are able to offer one-to-one physiotherapy sessions on-line, together with a personal video exercise program that you can do in the safety and comfort of your own home.

You’ll get a record of your consultation sent out to you and if you do need any further tests or scans then we have packages available where we can deduct the cost of your virtual consultation from the package price.

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