ACL Injury – How to deal with one!

ACL Injury - How to deal with one! Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL injury is a very common disorder that can happen to anybody at any time. But this is most common among athletes and sports persons because of the rigorous physical exercises they perform. We, at My Knee Doc have a team of specialist doctors who have years of experience in treating ACL injury and providing comfort to you in all ways possible.

Causes of ACL Injury

ACL injuries are caused when a knee is bent or stretched beyond its normal limits; it can be hyperextended, twisted or bent side to side. This can be caused due to various reasons.

• If you have one foot solidly placed on the ground and have tried to change direction quickly cutting round an obstacle, you have a high chance of twisting your ACL. This can happen while playing games like basketball, football, soccer, skiing, and gymnastics that put high demand on ACL

• If you have landed after a jump, slowing down suddenly and when the leg was straight or slightly bent, the ACL may be affected

• During our day-to-day activities, several common actions may lead to ACL injuries. These include falling off a ladder, stepping off a curb, jumping from a moderate or extreme height, stepping into a hole, or missing a step when walking down a staircase; among others. The sudden stopping of movement with the leg straight or slightly bent is the principal cause of this injury

• Older individuals or people who are less active are also prone to ACL injury because of weak leg muscles

Prevention of ACL Injury

It is very difficult to specify the conditions that will help prevent an ACL injury but some precautions may be taken to avoid such injuries.

• As an athlete, you must remember to squat, lunge, jump, and land without knee and ankle collapse while practising or playing a game. You must learn to land and bend your knees with proper mechanics

• Even if you are not an athlete, you need to exercise regularly to stay fit. To gain stability in the knee, perform closed-chain exercises like leg presses, squats or lunges as part of your strength-training program.

If you have met with an ACL injury, you will require immediate treatment. At My Knee Doc we have a cure for all your knee problems. Contact us today to get relief from any knee disorder or pain and get back the happy and healthy smile in your life.