Arthrosamid an exciting new treatment for Osteoarthritis

Many of my patients with knee arthritis are keen to avoid surgery. Getting a diagnosis early, and more importantly, getting the right advice, can often mean that you can have more treatment options available.

It always frustrates me to hear that may patients have been told that they “will need a new knee in 5 years”. Statements like these from healthcare professionals can lead to a sense of hopelessness and inevitability that often mean people “give-up” and accept their fate when it comes to their knee joint. These statements are not evidence based.

There are many interventions and treatments that we know will help many people to get control of their symptoms and enjoying life again. In fact, most people with osteoarthritis will never need joint replacement surgery if managed appropriately.

It’s because of this that I want to make sure that patients that come to the My Knee Doc specialist knee clinic are given the choices they deserve. Over the years I have looked carefully at new treatments, looking at the published evidence and results and have been able to offer my patients novel joint preserving treatments such as PRP injections, Stem cell treatments and now I’m pleased to be able to provide my patients Arthrosamid treatment.


What is Arthrosamid?

Arthrosamid® is a new type of treatment for knee osteoarthritis that offers you an effective alternative to the currently available therapies like steroid injections or knee replacement surgery. Based on an innovative non-biodegradable hydrogel technology, Arthrosamid® is 97.5% water with 2.5% being a cross linked polyacrylamide backbone. When injected into the knee Arthrosamid® cushions the joint and reduces pain, providing safe and sustained pain relief, all with one injection.

How does it work?

Arthrosamid® is an intra-articular polyacrylamide hydrogel injection (iPAAG) for the symptomatic treatment of knee osteoarthritis. Once injected into your knee joint cavity, it restores the consistency of your synovial fluid, the lubricating fluid in your knee, improving lubrication and cushioning of your joint. Arthrosamid® also integrates into the synovium or lining of your inner joint capsule creating a cushion-like effect and blocks the inflammation pathways that can cause knee pain.

What’s involved with Arthrosamid treatment?

Arthrosamid® treatment for knee osteoarthritis that is a minimally invasive out-patient procedure.
It is performed under local anaesthesia, with ultrasound guidance. Arthrosamid is injected into your joint. You do not need to stay in hospital for treatment.

What are the benefits of Arthrosamid treatment?

Simple – It is a simple out-patient procedure that means you can go home the same day.

Safe - Arthrosamid® is safe for intended use and is biocompatible which allows it to integrate with the tissues in your knee. The overall safety profile of the hydrogel has undergone two decades over of research and development with approximately 1,000,000 hydrogel units used for various indications in the body.

Sustained - In clinical trials, patients reported a reduction in their pain levels by Week 4 after their injection. The reduction in pain was sustained over 104 weeks. Arthrosamid® trials continue to follow patients for 5 years.


Is it the right treatment for me?

If’ you’d like to learn more or find out if Arthrosamid can help you please get in touch. You can book a telephone consultation for just £45. We can also book treatments within a week.

How can we help?

Here at the My Knee Doc clinic, we aim to put you front and centre of what we do. We have a great team who will listen to you, help you with your knee problem and guide you through your whole treatment journey. We aim to give you the best possible care from the first time we speak to you, through your initial assessment in the clinic, to your treatment and your follow-up. We won’t just discharge you once your treatment is complete. We have a complete aftercare package which means you always have access to our team of specialists.

If you’re suffering from knee pain – get your free copy of my guide to find out everything you need to know about how to manage your symptoms.