What are The Most Common Types of Sports Injury?

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When it comes to treatment for sports injuries in Warrington, My Knee Doc have been looking after the athletes of the North West for a number of years now.

We provide several different treatments both surgical and non-surgical for patients and help with a wide range of different sports injuries.

My Knee Doc are going to outline the most common types of sports injury in this blog and give you tips on how to prevent them happening to you.

Ankle Sprain

Ankle sprains are amongst the most common types of sports injuries, they can occur as a result of playing just about any sport that requires you to be fast on your feet.

Changing direction quickly is often the cause of ankle sprains as well as the impacts and tackles that we may experience on the field of play. Although you can’t prevent all ankle injuries in sport, we suggest warming up, ensuring that you do some sport specific strength and conditioning work, and ensure that you are wearing appropriate footwear at all times.

Groin Pulls

One of the least pleasant places to injure, groin pulls are amongst the most awkward of sports injuries. Why is this? Unlike knee or ankle injuries, you cannot directly support your groin with a crutch, sling or support – this means that moving about and remaining mobile can be a real issue.

How do you combat groin injuries? Always make sure that you are properly warming up as well as warming down, this way you can avoid pulling the muscle itself. Avoid overstretching and build up strength and control specific to your sport.

Hamstring Strain

Most common in footballers, rugby players, sprinters and athletes whose sport heavily revolves around running. Hamstring strain is one of the most painful types of muscle strain that you can have due to the sheer size of the muscle and how integral it is to just about any sort of movement.

Again, the most effective method for combating hamstring strain is warming up and warming down, controlled stretching and strength work. Getting tips from a personnal trainer or physiotherapist can help you develop an injury prevention programme specific to you.

Knee Injury: ACL tear

No matter what sport you are involved in, Knee Injuries and ACL tears are a very real problem. A tear to the ACL can see you out of action for a long period of time, with the injury itself causing significant pain.

Often when the ACL is torn or you injury your knee, simply allowing for it to heal on its own will not suffice and can actually be dangerous. You may well need surgery or non-surgical treatments such as physiotherapy to get your knee back to working order.

If you have suffered an injury it is best to consult a sports injury specialist such as My Knee Doc. Our recommended team of physios can help you regain the strength in your knee and aid you in preventing further injury.

Patellofemoral syndrome

A type of repetitive strain injury in the knee, this is a result of the repetitive movement of your kneecap against your thigh bone. This type of repeated small injuries build up over time. Paying attention to your symptoms and getting early advice and treatment can mitigate the long-term effects. Physiotherapy and sometimes surgery can  help prevent further deterioration.

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