How to Decide Whether to Have ACL Reconstruction?

How to Decide Whether to Have ACL Reconstruction?

The number one myth about ACL injuries is that the solution is pretty easy and straight – to simply have an ACL reconstruction surgery. However, the truth is that there are several factors that your ACL reconstruction Cheshire surgeon has to consider before taking a decision.

The Options

There are two options.

One is to rest appropriately after the injury, follow the recommended exercises and indulge in a physical rehabilitation programme.

The second option is to have an ACL surgery. At My Knee Doc, our ACL reconstruction Cheshire team has successfully handled several cases of ACL injuries. We recommend this option only when necessary.

Rest and Exercise

In many cases, rest followed by rehabilitation might be sufficient to heal the ACL injury. The first thing to do after an ACL injury is to reduce activity and rest. The next step is to reduce swelling. You can do this by applying ice or by wrapping elastic bandage around the knee.

Your doctor may prescribe anti inflammatory pills to reduce pain. Once you are rested, the next step is to start a physical rehabilitation programme until the knee stabilises.

If the rehabilitation programme does not result in any improvement, you may have to consider ACL surgery.

You need to take a decision in time. You can’t wait too long to fix the torn ACL. Wait too long, and you may get chronic ACL deficiency, which your ACL reconstruction Cheshire might not be able to fix if it’s too late.

You Need Surgery

You will need ACL surgery when:

• Your ACL is either completely torn or partially torn but unstable.

• Your job requires that you have very strong knees and stability. If you are a sportsperson or are very active in sports, ACL surgery is the way to go.

• You have chronic ACL deficiency that has altered the way of your life.

• You have injuries in other parts of your knee. It could be meniscus, cartilage, or other knee tendons or ligaments, or there are broken bones in your knee joint.

• You are absolutely ready for a long time rehabilitation programme.

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