Exercises to Aid Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery

Replacement Knee Surgery Warrington

Knee replacement surgery is a fairly serious procedure so it’s important to perform the necessary strengthening exercises your replacement knee surgery Warrington expert will assign you after the surgery. We’ve outlined some of the best practices, exercises and stretches to help you recover from a knee replacement surgery.

Remember that you should always consult your doctor or specialist when thinking about pursuing any kind of activity after any kind of surgery. None of these should be done if they cause an increase in pain or uncomfortableness in the knee joint or anywhere else.

Early Post-Surgery Exercises

Immediately after the surgery a lot of the work you’ll be doing will be simple exercises to help blood circulation return to its normal flow in your legs and feet. Along with this, they’re meant to build a foundation of strength back in the legs and improve your knee movement. No matter how easy they seem, don’t ignore your replacement knee surgery Warrington surgeon’s advice, as these exercises are crucial to building your leg strength back up.

While lying down tense your quadriceps by straightening your knee for about five to ten seconds. This basic “tensing” exercise can be done for the calves (by pumping the ankle and foot) as well. When doing this exercise for the quadriceps or calf, repeat it between ten to twelve times over the course of two minutes.

Intermediate Post-Surgery Exercises

Now that you’ve strengthened your leg muscles and gotten things used to your new knee joint, it’s time to practice walking. You might not think it, but walking is largely accepted as humankind’s most natural action and is considered one of the best methods to help your body begin to realign and repair itself.

At first practice with a walker or crutches, as your surgeon will tell you how much weight you can put on your leg. When some time has passed your replacement knee surgery Warrington specialist will let you know how to begin walking unassisted.

Advanced Post-Surgery Exercises

Once you’re moving around horizontally with ease, it’s time to start moving vertically. This means practice walking up and down stairs, something which requires greater strength, flexibility and coordination than simply walking horizontally. Make sure when you’re practising that your staircase has a handrail for support and that you begin with a crutch supporting you.

When walking upstairs, always lead with your good knee and when moving down always lead with your worse knee. Start with someone supporting you at first, then move to a crutch and a handrail, and finally using only the handrail to support you.

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This was a brief guide with some of the basic exercises post-operation when it comes to knee replacement surgery. As mentioned before, always consult your specialist before performing any physical activity if you’ve recently had an operation and avoid any movement or exercises that exacerbate any pain.

If you’d like more in-depth information about replacement knee surgery Warrington, rehabilitation exercises, or anything else related to knee health make sure to contact My Knee Doc today!