How to get back to exercising after a knee injury

Knee injuries are quite common in high-energy sports, and they can take a relatively long time to heal completely. Fortunately, with early diagnosis and treatment from a knee surgeon in Manchester, you can recover quickly and return to exercising within no time. However, you shouldn’t jump back in full force immediately as you run the risk of injuring your knee again.

Instead, follow these tips for exercising after a knee injury or a knee surgery.

1. Talk to your doctor

You might think you’re ready to start working out again when you’re not. That’s why it’s vital to get your doctor’s approval before becoming active again. Your knee surgeon Manchester-based knows the best time for you to ease back into exercising and can recommend feasible exercises that don’t stress your knee.

Remember, different knee injuries require different recovery processes, and only a professional knows this and can advise you accordingly.

2. Start small

If you had to undergo knee surgery after your knee injury, it’s crucial to ease back into it by starting small. You can’t start training vigorously from the jump as it will only cause excruciating pain and leave you injured again.

Begin slowly and intensify your workouts each time you feel your knee can handle the amount of exercise.

3. Stretch your knee

Knee injuries that take months to heal weaken and stiffen the muscles around your knees. This makes exercising challenging as your knees can’t bear your weight and the stress of moving. So, before getting back to exercise, stretch and strengthen your knees to improve mobility and build and maintain flexibility.

4. Listen to your body

Pushing yourself to your limits isn’t a good idea after knee injury or knee surgery. You’re more likely to cause further damage to your knees, prolonging the healing period. If you feel any pain or discomfort around your knees when active, it’s advisable to stop and take a breather.

Don’t rush to get back to exercising until you feel your knee can handle it, whether that means taking a day’s or a week’s break in between training.

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