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My Knee Doctor Chester Shares Tips for Managing Pain after Knee Surgery

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Knee surgery may be the ultimate solution to your knee pain. But, even after surgery some people can be affected by post-operative pains. Don’t worry; this pain is only a temporary phase which will subside with proper care.

At My Knee Doctor Chester we provide you with the post-operative care that you need after knee surgery. We have some valuable suggestions to help you get relief from pain after the operation.


After the surgery is over, you may have to take some medicines to help alleviate your pain. My Knee Doctor Chester may also prescribe some ointments to apply topically. These are usually needed only for a short time and can be withdrawn after a few weeks of the operation.

Managing Bruises and Swelling

There might be swelling or dark purplish painful patches around the knee after the surgery. The patches occur due to blood coagulation (bruising). Stretch your legs and keep them on a raised surface like a thick pillow; the pain and bruising will subside eventually. Wearing compression stockings can also ease the pain and give you relief.

Physical Therapy

You will also be given a set of exercises for your knee. Regularly practise these exercise to improve blood circulation, movement in your knee and to strengthen muscles.

Alternative pain management options

TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) for some is a very effective way to stimulate blood flow and reduce pain in the knees and adjoining areas. However, recent studies have revealed that this may not be an effective method for everyone. There are alternatives to TENS such as electrophysiological stimulation although, again, this may not be suitable for everyone . Always consult an experienced professional before making a decision on alternative pain relieving treatments.

Regular Consultation with My Knee Doctor Chester

A regular consultation with your doctor is the most essential part of your ” return to fitness ” regime. Report any development or discomfort immediately so that it can be addressed before it gets worse or slows down your rehabilitation.

Things To Do at Home

After returning home, if you follow a few precautions, you will be back in the game in no time.

  • Exercise as much as possible
  • Regular ice and pain killers
  • Make absolutely sure that you don’t trip and fall; keep the floor and walking space clean and free of obstacles
  • Fill the fridge / freezer with meals before you come into hospital so you don’t have too much work to do when you are recovering

At Knee Doctor Cheshire, we can advise on the best way to manage pain after knee surgery. So, contact us today to maximise your recovery after your knee surgery.

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