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ACL surgery is an operation that is required to treat an anterior cruciate ligament injury. It is, in essence, a tissue graft replacement of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee. At Knee Doctor Manchester we have an expert team of dedicated professionals that will take care of your knee problems associated with your ACL injury. Here are a few tips that will help you recover faster from an ACL surgery.

Avoid Carrying Heavy Loads

When you carry heavy loads, your body weight and the load you are carrying will need to be supported by your knee. After an ACL surgery, your knee, and the muscles around your knee, need time to build up their strength and so, we, at Knee Doctor Manchester, advise against carrying any weight or heavy loads during the period of recovery.

Controlled Activities and Movements

It is important not to immobilise your knees completely after the surgery. Gradually and gently introduce bending movements to enable the joints to get back their strength and mobility early. We, at Knee Doctor Manchester, will provide a complete exercise guide for you which breaks down your rehab into key phases, increasing your movement, strength and stability helping you to a seamless recovery.

Pain Medication

Once your surgery is over and you are feeling better, do not, under any circumstance, forget to take your prescribed medicines regularly. Good pain control will allow you to progress with your rehabilitation exercises.

If you have problems after taking a particular medicine, consult your doctor or pharmacist  immediately. A medicine should be withdrawn only after proper consultation with your medical practitioner.

Wound Care

Do not neglect your wound because it is sensitive after the surgery. Keep it clean and dry and we, at My Knee Doctor Manchester, reassure you that your knee will heal in no time.

Consultation with Doctor

A regular consultation with your doctor must be on top of your priority list. He will be able to advise you on best after-care practices. He will be able to identify problems arising after the surgery and treat them effectively.

At My Knee Doctor Manchester we care for you and your knees! Once your surgery is over, we provide you a complete after-care treatment plan to assist in a fast and uncomplicated recovery. Contact us today to get the best treatment for your knees.