Knee Joint Surface Damage

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Knee joint surface damage is also known as chondral damage. It refers to damage to the rubbery cartilage covering the ends of bones inside the knee joint. This cartilage acts as a shock absorber and allows the bones in the knee joint to move smoothly over one another. Any damage to this cartilage therefore, affects knee movement too. It is recommended that you consult your private knee doctor Liverpool for treatment.

Causes of Knee Joint Surface Damage

Knee joint surface damage can occur due to a lot of reasons. It is usually due to an injury resulting from a twist, fall or maybe even a direct blow to the knee. In extreme cases, the cartilage can wear away over time. This is known as osteoarthritis and usually occurs in older people.

Many a times, chondral damage is caused by an injury that accompanies an injury to a ligament.

In some teenagers, the knee joint cartilage may break away with the bone when a fall or accident occurs. This type of damage is known as osteochondritis dissecans.

Symptoms related to Knee Joint Surface Damage

Since the knee joint cartilage does not have any nerves, there are no symptoms at first to show visible damage. But the condition causes disruption of normal functioning of the knee joints. Pain, inflammation and immobility can also occur as a result of this damage.

Diagnosing a Knee Joint Surface Damage

Only a private knee doctor Liverpool expert can diagnose your knee joint surface damage correctly. It is always recommended that you never trust your medical examination with anyone other than a medical expert.

The expert will suggest a medical examination and a MRI to show the extent of damage. You may also be asked to get an arthroscopy done. The knee specialist can then decide what treatment should be followed.

Treatment for the Knee Joint Surface Damage

The cartilage in the knee joint does not have the ability to repair itself. This is why your private knee doctor Liverpool expert may recommend arthroscopy to treat this condition.

Your private knee doctor Liverpool consultant is the best person to help you deal with knee joint surface damage. He can suggest the best treatment as well as therapies for healing after surgical procedures.

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