Knee Replacement Surgery – The Options

Knee Replacement Surgery

When you opt for a knee replacement surgery, your knee replacement Cheshire surgeon will rebuild your damaged knee by replacing your joint surfaces with “artificial” components also known as “implants”. Artificial knees can come in several different designs but they essentially consist of three main components – the femoral and tibial components and a “bearing”surface.

Here’s a look at the different knee replacement options. Consult a knee replacement Cheshire specialist to choose the best option for your needs.

Total Knee Replacement

In total knee replacement, the entire surface of the knee is replaced. This means that all the three components outlined above will have to be replaced.

You will need a total knee replacement surgery if several parts of your knee are damaged or worn (usually this occurs due to arthritis). The implants (or the new parts) are usually fixed in place using a special bone cement. Your knee replacement Cheshire surgeon will be able to discuss this in detail with you at your consultation.

Partial Knee Replacement

Also known as unicompartmental knee replacement surgery, this involves replacing only one part of your knee. Your knee replacement Cheshire doctor will suggest this option if there’s damage only on one section of the knee.

Recovery is usually faster because the undamaged part of the knee is left intact so still functions normally. However, partial knee replacement surgery is not for everyone. Your knee replacement Cheshire will recommend this option only if you have healthy parts of your knee that can share the load and are not likely to cause problems in the future.

Knee Cap Replacement

If the knee cap’s under-surface and its groove (also known as the trochlea) are the only damaged surfaces of your knee, your knee replacement Cheshire may suggest replacing only this part of the joint. This procedure is also known as patello-femoral arthroplasty.

 If the arthritis is progressing on to the other parts of your knee, your knee replacement Cheshire may recommend the option of replacing the whole joint or a total knee replacement.

Complex Knee Replacement

Some patients may require complex knee replacement surgeries owing to either major bone loss, knee deformity or knee ligament weakness. This involves more specialist surgery and implants.

Your knee replacement Cheshire will recommend this option if you have a severe arthritis or if you are having a joint replacement for the second or third time.

Consult a Knee Replacement Cheshire Surgeon

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