How to Prepare for Knee Realignment Surgery

My Knee Doc has been helping the public with both surgical and non surgical intervention for knee related ailments such as arthritis with treatments such as knee realignment surgery Manchester for a number of years now.

What is Knee Realignment Surgery?

Knee Realignment surgery or Knee osteotomy is the cutting of bone to correct the knee’s alignment and improve its function with the goal of reducing chronic arthritis knee pain.

Knee osteotomy is an option for patients who have unilateral knee arthritis. The goal of the surgery is to shift some weight away from the painful, damaged side of the knee joint and onto the healthy side of the knee joint. The surgeon makes this possible by cutting and altering the alignment or entire shape of the leg bone.

But how do you best prepare for this type of surgery?

Strengthen Your Joints Before Surgery

Before you undergo knee realignment surgery Manchester, you may be referred for physiotherapy and tasked with strengthening your leg muscles by your doctor. When your surgery has becompletedete, your rehabilitation can provide as much support to you as possible.

This may mean some light exercise on an exercise bike in the gym or using specific gym equipment.

Ask your doctor beforehand whether you should have some physio, it may make things easier in the long run.

Arrange Some Help

It may be worth enlisting the help of a spouse, friend or relative to aid you in shopping, cooking, and day to day activities after your surgery.

Preparing a lift from the hospital post surgery and also to bring you in for your post-op appointments is also a good idea.

Take Good Care of Your Knee and Health

Taking good care of your knee and your general health prior to your surgery is a necessity if you want to minimise the possibility of complications occurring.

This may mean reducing the amount you smoke or drink if you do either regularly. By doing so you can mitigate the chances of deep vein thrombosis, a potential deadly blood clot in a deep vein, after surgery.

Also, regularly cleaning your leg and knee prior to surgery will further minimise the chances of infection occurring within your knee post surgery.

Make Things Easier Around the House

If you can stay downstairs for a while, do it! Avoiding going up and down stairs day in day out will greatly help with your recovery post realignment surgery Manchester.

Try to make sure the things that you will need are in close proximity to you, just to make things easy for yourself.

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