Runner’s Knee – How to tackle the injury!

Runner’s Knee - How to tackle the injury!

Runner’s Knee or patellofemoral pain syndrome is a common term used to describe several specific disorders that may be caused by various factors. As the name suggests, such pains are common among runners or athletes but can also afflict people whose activities require a lot of knee bending. At My Knee Doc, we effectively treat all kinds of disorders related to this problem.


• Due to “overuse” of the knees while doing high stress exercises like lunges and plyometrics, the kneecap joint can be affected. This, along with overstretched tendons may cause pain

• If there is a fall or blow, this can cause a direct trauma to the knee leading to pain

•  Due to weakness in muscles bones around the knee joint may lose their normal alignment. Even if they are slightly out of their correct position or misaligned this will lead to uneven distribution of load through your body. Certain parts of the body will be receiving higher stress thus causing pain to the joints.

• Sometimes, the kneecap may be slightly out of position; this also causes great pain

• Flat feet, hypermobile feet or fallen arches may result in Runners Knee. In these conditions the impact of a single step can cause the arches of your feet to collapse putting an excessive stress on the joints and tissues of the knee, leading to pain

• If you have weak thigh muscles or if there is a muscle imbalance, this can also lead to unequal distribution of load and isolated sections of the kneecap may feel a heavier burden. This causes abnormal wear patterns and can be painful


• When acutely painful rest your knee and change your normal exercise routine, try swimming or other aerobic exercise and avoid running for a short period.

• Apply ice pack to your knee for about half an hour every day at intervals of 3 to 4 hours till the pain subsides

• Use an elastic bandage, patellar straps, or sleeves to give your knee extra support and protection

• Anti-inflammatory medicines help to reduce an immediate pain but avoid using them for a prolonged period because these have side effects

• Physical therapy is useful for strengthening the muscles. We, at My Knee Doc, have specialist physiotherapists who can guide you effectively.

At My Knee Doc, Runner’s Knee can be treated. Our specialist doctors have years of experience and expertise in treating any problem or disorder of the knees. Contact us today to relieve your knee of any pain or discomfort and lead a happy and healthy life.