Tips with Managing Knee Pain By My Knee Doctor Warrington

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The knee is the largest hinge joint in the human body and one of the most complicated ones. It is a flexible structure that helps in movement and locomotion. It is also responsible for carrying the entire weight of your body.

No wonder, some people run into problems with this joint if it is injured or not well cared for. Carelessness leads to knee pain and several other problems that benefit from expert advice. At My Knee Doctor Warrington, we have a few tips to help you manage knee pain.


The knee joint is surrounded by a joint capsule which is lined by a synovial membrane. This is where the synovial or “lubricating” fluid is produced. With passage of time and with ageing, the joint cartilage becomes worn due to abrasion, excess weight bearing and other factors.

This leads to osteoarthritis, commonly called ‘wear and tear arthritis’, which is the predominant cause of knee pain. There are several other factors that can cause knee pain, like cartilage injuryligament rupture or knee cap dislocation, among others.


The knee is a part of the human body and so it is natural that it will cause problems once in a while. There can be occasional pains which may result from stress, over-exertion or a minor injury. These problems can be overcome with medication or exercise over a period of time. You need to start worrying when the pain starts recurring and tends to become unbearable.

Medicine and Exercise

Exercise helps keep the joints mobile and active. Swimming or light walking with cushioned shoes is very good as a daily fitness regime. For temporary pain, mild painkillers ibuprofen or paracetamol can be very effective.

However, if the pain persists or recurs, visit My Knee Doctor Warrington for professional help. We suggest special exercise and medicines that will be topical and will treat your specific problem. This can be only done by a medical practitioner or trained professional.

Knee Replacement

At the extreme stage, once other treatments have been considred and are no longer helpful then knee arthritis may require a knee replacement surgery. But this can be suggested only by a registered specialist doctor. You need a detailed discussion to understand the advantages and limitations of the surgery before you decide on the operation.

You must be very careful about looking after your knees so you can lead a healthy and happy life. When in pain and doubt, contact a specialist. At My Knee Doctor Warrington, we are here to help you with expert guidance and advice. Contact us today and get relief from painful knee pain.

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