What Causes Osteoarthritis?

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Osteoarthritis is a condition of the joint in which the cartilage gets damaged, leading to slow deterioration of the joint. Knees are one of the commonest of joints to be affected by osteoarthritis. As the condition goes unnoticed or remains ignored, pain takes hold of your knees and you’ll experience reduced knee movements. Visiting a private knee doctor Warrington at the very onset of symptoms helps regain maximum joint normalcy.

What Happens in an Osteoarthritis-Hit Joint?

A healthy body is capable of fixing knee problems that arise out of daily use, on its own. When affected by osteoarthritis, knee joints lose this self-healing capacity.

The cartilage – the vital tissue that keeps knee bones from rubbing against each other while allowing efficient, uninterrupted joint movements– thins with osteoarthritis. With time, loss of cartilage becomes more, which brings the bones into direct contact.

This movement of bone against bone causes friction, which leads to formation of abnormal protrusions from the bones, and inflammation, in the joint area. These developments manifest as pain, swelling, and stiffness of movements, outwardly.

Here are some factors that increase the risk of osteoarthritis:


Continuous use over years changes the constitution of the cartilage – the protein setup erodes over time. This results in wear and tear of the cartilage, causing osteoarthritis symptoms.

Heredity and Ancestry

You are more at risk if you’ve a parent, grandparent, or other relative with osteoarthritis. Include a regular consultation with a private knee doctor Warrington, in your health regime, after 40 years of age. This helps detect any osteoarthritis symptoms early.


Knees bear most of the body weight. Excess body weight puts more stress on the knees, which can lead to cartilage damage.

Stressful Occupation and Activities

A job or hobby that constantly puts excess stress on your knees can increase the risk of osteoarthritis. Strenuous physical work, and activities that involve knee use such as climbing and squatting, can affect the knees.

Joint Injury

An injury, particularly to the cartilage or ligament, puts you at risk. A joint wound caused by an operation too, can pose a risk, if it has not been allowed to heal completely.

There is no permanent cure for osteoarthritis. A private knee doctor Warrington can suggest treatments that help you manage the symptoms of pain and reduced mobility.

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