What is a Cartilage Tear?

Cartilage Tear

Cartilage Tears

Injury in any part of our body is painful and needs to be addressed immediately. Like every other injury, cartilage tears can be agonising. They need immediate medical assistance. At My Knee Doc Cheshire, we treat any kind of knee injury resulting from a cartilage tear. You also need to know the causes and symptoms of such injuries to understand when you may require medical assistance.

What is a Cartilage?

A cartilage is a type of tissue which is soft and flexible. They cover the joint surfaces and reduce friction and damage of bones during their movements. Cartilages can be of three types. Elastic cartilages are found in ears or noses and fibrocartilages are found between the bones of the pelvis and hips or vertebrae of the spine. Articular cartilages are tough and flexible and found between the ribs, around the trachea or in the joints.

Causes of Articular Cartilage Damage

Although all the three kinds of cartilages may suffer injuries, articular cartilage damage is the most common among all. It may be caused due to several factors:

  • A sudden fall or accident
  • Being overweight
  • A long term problem with the structure of the joint
  • An infection
  • Ageing


Articular cartilage tears are usually followed by the stiffness of the knee which restricts free movement of the knee joint. You will suffer from swelling and knee pain which may subside temporarily with rest but may return after you undertake any physical activity. The joints may also get locked.


As the cartilages do not have their own blood supply they take more time to heal than damaged skin or muscles. This is because blood carries healing nutrients to the damaged parts of the body.

The treatment methods vary due the intensity of the injury, location, your age and level of activity. Immediately after the injury apply ice to the injured area and compress it with a bandage or knee brace. In case of minor injuries, non-surgical treatments can be effective cures.

These include physiotherapy and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAID. But if the damage is severe, then surgical procedures are recommended. These may include a knee replacement surgery or knee arthroscopy.

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