What is a Re-Alignment Surgery?

Re-alignment surgery or osteotomy is performed to change the alignment of the leg. If a part of the knee becomes damaged or affected due to arthritis or other causes, a re-alignment surgery can get you back on your knees without the hassle of a knee replacement. A re-alignment surgery Cheshire surgeon will always prefer this operation for young patients because this process will keep arthritis at bay for a many more years.

When Do You Need This Surgery?

If you are a young person suffering from knee pain because of some damage or due to slowly developing arthritis, this surgery may be just perfect for you. A re-alignment surgery will check the advancement of arthritis and give you healthy knees for many more years to come.

But this surgery can only be performed if the damage or pain is localised. For other complicated treatments, this has to be combined with cartilage repair or regeneration techniques. This operation will enable you to carry out normal activities without any restrictions, unlike knee replacement surgery.

The Method

This surgery is usually performed on the tibia or leg bone and occasionally on the femur or thigh bone. To begin with, a cut is made with a small saw to create an incomplete fracture. This cut is slowly made bigger, depending upon the amount of correction required for the knees.

This entire process is tracked with the help of infra-red trackers fixed to both the bones of the leg. The computer receives the images and information through a receiver. The re-alignment surgery Cheshire doctor then uses this information to determine the precise level of alignment and also to fine tune the process.

The Recovery

Any re-alignment surgery Cheshire takes around an hour and a half, after which you are kept in the hospital for a couple of nights. Once you get accustomed to walking with crutches, you will be given leave to go home. You will need to wear special braces for six weeks and use crutches for around twelve weeks.

We, at My Knee Doc, have a specialised team of surgeons to take care of any knee pain or problem that you may have. A minor damage or injury can always be taken care of by a re-alignment surgery. Contact our re-alignment surgery Cheshire team at My Knee Doc and get relief from any pain or discomfort and gift yourself a healthy and happy life.