ACL Reconstruction – Things to Avoid Right after Surgery

(Advice from the team at My Knee Doctor Cheshire)

Recuperating from surgeries can be pretty taxing. It not only affects your physical health but also your mental health. ACL reconstruction  experts at My Knee Doctor Cheshire  help you recover faster by providing expert guidance and easy access to the right information. Our professionals are some of the best in the industry and assist you with a quicker healing process by sharing a detailed list of do’s and don’ts. Here’s a look at things to avoid during the post surgery recovery phase. ACL reconstruction Cheshire

Weight-Bearing Activities

ACL reconstruction Cheshire experts at My Knee Doc will advise you of exercises and activities you can safely start doing straight after your surgery.

It’s usually safe to weight bear through the operated knee as comfort allows but you should avoid any strenuous activity until your knee is fully ready. My Knee Doc’s team of specialist physiotherapists will advise you when it is safe to return to sports and other activities. Rushing back too soon can have a negative impact on the healing process.

Physical Activity or Motion

Our ACL reconstruction Cheshire professionals recommend resuming to mild activities, pretty soon. Actually, you can begin with some exercise right after the surgical procedure. Regaining the complete range of movement for your knee early is important, say our experts at My Knee Doc.

Returning to competition

Returning to sports such as football, rugby, netball or volleyball is usually the final part of the rehabilitation process. Depending on your pre injury (and also pre-surgery) condition, fitness and strength this could happen as early as 4 months after the surgery.

Our team of experts at My Knee Doc will assess your progress at all stages during your rehab and advise you when it is safe to progress to the next stage of your rehabilitation.

With hard work and dedication, My Knee Doc has observed that most athletes and sportspersons can return to compete at their pre-injury level this usually takes from  6 to 12 months.

Need more advice?

Contact the expert team of ACL reconstruction Cheshire at My Knee Doc for all your ACL surgery needs. At My Knee Doc, we have some of the best doctors, trainers and physical therapists experienced in treating  ACL injuries. They have access to all the resources and will be able to provide you with the required guidance for a successful surgery and a speedier recovery. Call 01925 215818 to book an appointment.