Which Sports Regularly Damage Player’s Knees?

Specialist Knee Surgeon Warrington My Knee Doc is a specialist knee surgeon in Warrington, we have been treating the people of Cheshire’s problem knees for several years, providing both surgical and non-surgical intervention for a variety of injuries.

One of the most common reasons we see people in the clinic is as a result of sporting injuries. Whether the injury is sudden or a chronic condition that has worsened over time- our surgery regularly sees sportsmen and women struggling with pain and mobility.

In this blog, we are going to outline the sports where people most commonly struggle with problem knees. If you take part in any of these sports you can keep an eye out and try to mitigate the potential problems.


Football is an obvious example of a sport that can take its toll on players’ knees. The speed at which players run and the constant changing of direction is hard on the joints even before you even kick a ball!

As the  Specialist Knee Surgeon in Warrington, we see a lot of football players in our practice who have suffered over the years with the consequences playing football week in week out.

If you are a football player and have experienced any sort of pain or mobility issues, then you may want to begin taking steps to prevent further problems developing.

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Rugby, like football,  involves a lot of fast-paced running and changing direction. The obvious additional factor, however, is the that the sport is full contact and many injuries occur as a result of hard tackling.

These types of tackles can quite often result in instant injury and so we see a lot of rugby players in the surgery needing medical attention.

If you play rugby and are starting to find yourself in a lot of pain in your knee or unable to move it in a full range of motion, you may well knee to speak to a Specialist Knee Surgeon in Warrington such as My Knee Doc.

Long Distance Running

Long distance running has many benefits, including lowering your chances of getting arthritis. However if you have suffered an injury continued running on a damaged joint can have a detrimental impact on your knees. The constant pressure of the floor meeting your foot shoots up your leg and into your knee.

One tip that we have for runners is to make sure you have the correct footwear. This does not just mean having running trainers however. You need to make sure that the shoes meet the very specific needs of your feet.

Research online about what running shoes best suit your feet and running style and if you are already suffering with knee pain speak to your Specialist Knee Surgeon  in Warrington.

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