Exercises to Help Reduce Knee Pain and Improve Mobility

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My Knee Doc is a specialist knee surgeon and consultancy based in Manchester that has been helping members of the public improve mobility and reduce pain within their knee joints for several years now.

We recommend both surgical and non surgical intervention that takes a variety of different forms. One of the measures that we recommend for improving mobility is to exercise your knee.

So what exercises can you begin doing to improve your mobility and reduce pain?

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Start by Warming Up First

Before any sort of physical activity, you need to ensure that you warm up. If you do not warm up, you risk further physical injury that may actually add to your condition.

Start by warming up with some light stretching, this way you will loosen the joints and provide blood to each area.

It is important that once you have exercised, you warm down properly as well.

This way, you can ensure that the exercise you undertake will not impact you further.

Straight Leg Raises

If you struggle with mobility and pain in your knee joint, then straight leg raises are a great way to exercise and strengthen the joint and muscle without too much physical exertion

The reason for this being, it gives little to no physical strain on your knee.

Lie with your back on the floor, facing upwards, bend one knee and place your foot flat on the floor. Whilst Keeping the other leg straight, raise it to the height of the opposite knee.

Repeat for 10 reps, for a maximum of three sets in total.

Hamstring Curls

This exercise will greatly improve the muscles in the back of your leg. Start by lying flat on your stomach on the floor, then bring your heels up to your behind slowly. Once there, try holding the position for as long as possible.

Take it from a specialist knee surgeon, surgical intervention is not always necessarily. Even if you do opt for the surgical intervention, exercising will only add to your chances of a successful recovery and positive impact.

Wall Squats

This one is a little more difficult than the others, keep your feet flat on the floor and stand with your back against the wall, keeping your feet shoulder width apart, hold the position for as long as you possibly can.

This one is a bit more advances as we said, but it is a great way to increase strength in your legs and core muscles.

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