Is a Knee Replacement the Right Choice For You?

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Knee Replacement surgery in Warrington.

Knee replacement is an operation that can completely change a person’s quality of life by eliminating pain and increasing mobility. Although it is regarded as a safe procedure it is still regarded as a “big” operation and you must carefully consider your options before deciding whether it is right for you.

So how do you know if knee replacement is the choice for you?  When should you stick to non-surgical treatments to manage your knee problems?

My Knee Doc is here to shed some light on the matter, to help you understand your options and help you to decide what is best for you.

Pain, Swelling and Stiffness

 It may be time to consider surgery if your knee hurts too much when you walk, go up and down stairs, or when it’s hard to get through your day without being in substantial pain. Another common symptom is knee pain at night when you are trying to sleep or just resting.

Other Treatments Don’t Work?

Its always good to try simpler remedies and treatments for knee pain. These can be effective in reducing your pain, allowing you to be more active.

That means before you consider surgery, you may try anti-inflammatory drugs or simple pain-killers to help control your pain and swelling, physical therapy and exercise have also been proven to help control the symptoms of knee arthritis. If you are overweight then losing weight has been proven to be an effective treatment for knee arthritis pain.

If you have exhausted this list of options and there has still been no improvement in your knee pain and symptoms. If you feel that your knee problems are affecting your quality of life, stopping you doing the things you enjoy.Then it might be time to consider knee replacement surgery.

Knee Deformity

Have you ever noticed you are becoming bowlegged or knock-kneed? If your legs have begun to change shape and become deformed this could be a sign of osteoarthritis. Your knee may be wearing out and if you are having symptoms of pain and swelling then you should seek advice and treatment. In some cases, you may need surgical intervention.

If you do ever see a change in the way your legs are shaped or of the actual knee joint itself, it is worth contacting your doctor or knee specialist straight away. Getting your knee assessed and having an early diagnosis can help you avoid knee surgery. If you decide that knee replacement is the right option for you then planning this before the knee deteriorates or your quality of life worsens significantly may lead to a better outcome

Are there any reasons why I shouldn’t have Knee Surgery?


If you are being treated for a current infection. For instance, gum infections need to be treated as doing so lowers the chances of your new knee becoming infected.

What if I have Other Existing Medical Problems?

Do you have heart, lung problems, diabetes, or a history of blood clots? It can raise the chances of complications from your surgery. You will need to get these under control before you can make a decision about knee surgery. Getting yourself as fit and as healthy as possible before major surgery will lower your chances of getting a complication and help speed up your recovery.

Any Other Reasons for Joint Pain

Sometimes pain from other parts of your body can have a knock-on effect and cause pain and mobility issues within your knee. Quite often, problems or pain in your back will lead to pain in your hip and knee

Hip arthritis is another common cause of pain in the knee.

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