Signs of Runners Knee

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Runner’s Knee, as the name suggests, is very much common among runners. But the ailment is not restricted to runners alone. People who do not run as much or as often can also get this ailment. In order to diagnose if you have Runner’s Knee, you will need to undergo a physical examination as well as X-rays, MRIs, CT scans and other tests.

The right diagnosis and the right treatment from your private knee doctor Warrington can help you overcome the problems associated with Runner’s Knee. Here are some signs that can help you recognise if you suffer from this ailment.

Pain Behind or Around the Kneecap

Are you frequently experiencing pain behind or around the kneecap? If you observe pain in the knee especially in the area where the thighbone and the kneecap meet, it is likely that you are suffering from Runner’s Knee.

Overuse of the knee, mainly among runners or in people who are physically very active can result in pain in the kneecap area. Ignoring this pain can lead to more problems at a later stage. Consult your private knee doctor Warrington as soon as you observe pain behind or around the kneecap.

Pain When Bending the Knee

When you walk, walk, squat, kneel, run or even when you rise from a chair, you bend your knees. If you experience pain when you bend the knee upon doing the aforementioned activities, you are likely to be suffering from Runner’s Knee.

However, it is not likely that every pain is an indication of Runner’s Knee. Your private knee doctor Warrington expert can diagnose exactly the reason for the pain in your knee.

Pain When Walking Downstairs

If you constantly observe pain when you walk downstairs or when you walk downhill, it could be a sign of Runner’s Knee. If the pain worsens with time, you must consult your doctor immediately.

Swelling in the Kneecap area

If you observe swelling in the kneecap area along with pain, it could be a sign that you are suffering from Runner’s Knee.

Grinding or Popping Sensations in the Knee

Another sign of Runner’s Knee is a grinding or popping sensation in the knee. If you observe such symptoms, you must immediately contact your private knee doctor Warrington expert.

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