Strengthen Your Knee Muscles Before Knee Replacement Surgery

Even as you approach your private knee doctor Liverpool for guidance regarding knee replacement surgery, you can prepare yourself for it. Exercises that specifically help in strengthening your knee muscles before the surgery can go a long way in easing the pain. They also help in faster recovery post surgery.

Here are some exercises that you could incorporate into your daily routine before you head for knee replacement surgery. You can check with your physical therapist and your private knee doctor Liverpool for the exercises best suited to you.

Leg Raises and Knee Bending Exercises

Lie on your back on the floor or on your bed. Raise your problem leg up to about 12 inches and hold it for about 5 seconds in that position while keeping your other leg bent for comfort. Bring back your leg to rest and repeat.

This exercise helps strengthen your quadriceps and the hip flexor muscles. This exercise is also extremely useful to help you regain movement after your knee replacement surgery.

Knee bending exercises are performed while sitting on a stable chair. Bend your knee as far back as possible and remain in the position for about 5 seconds. Bring your knee back to its original position. Repeat the exercise as many times as advised by your physical therapist. This exercise is extremely useful in maintaining your range of motion for the knee and leg muscles prior to surgery.

Every Day Simple Exercises

Simple exercises that can be part of your daily routine can go a long way in reducing pain and help recovery after knee replacement surgery. Standing on one leg with support, chair push ups and lying kick exercises can help a great deal.

Set Goals and Exercise

As your private knee doctor Liverpool will tell you, you need to spend at least 10 to 15 minutes for daily exercise. Setting goals and following a routine can help you deal with pre and post-surgery pain. Exercising daily can easily affect the speed and quality of your recovery.

If you are not sure about which exercises to practise, you can get your physical therapist or your private knee doctor Liverpool to help you. When you do the exercises under supervision, it will help prevent untoward incidents of knee injury before surgery.

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