What Do You Need to Know About Knee Surgery?

My Knee Doc is a specialist knee surgeon who has been helping patients get better from their knee problems and providing treatments including knee surgery in Warrington for a number of years.

We help those that are suffering from pain or mobility problems within their knee to manage their pain and improve their quality of life.

One of the most popular surgical procedures that we perform is knee key-hole surgery.

This type of surgery can provide a great benefit to some patients and so in this blog post, we want to outline exactly what you need to know about knee surgery before considering it for yourself.

What Causes Knee Pain?

Knee pain can be caused by a variety of conditions. A large proportion of the population will suffer from pain in their knee joint at some point in their life.

The common causes include osteoarthritis and general wear and tear, overuse conditions of the knee joint such as jumpers knee, and acute injuries such as cartilage tears and ligament rupture.

If you have experienced an injury or suffer from a long term condition, speak to the expert provider of knee key-hole surgery in Warrington about how we can help you.

Is Knee Surgery For Me?

Knee surgery can be considered as an option by those that have experienced pain or mobility issues within their joint for a long time. It’s often after trying simple remedies including pain-killers, exercise, and physiotherapy that patients turn to a knee surgeon for advice. Early assessment and advice from a Specialist Knee Surgeon can help make the diagnosis and start you on the road to recovery sooner.

If you have found yourself limiting your activity or losing sleep due to your knee  pain or if your knee pain is keeping you up at night. Then you may want to consider seeing specialist knee surgeon to explore the options of knee surgery.

If you experience any of these then you may want to speak to your local expert provider of knee key-hole surgery in Warrington to see if knee surgery is right for you.

Are There Any Alternatives to Knee Surgery?

Depending on your problem, there may well be alternative non-surgical interventions that will help you control your pain and increase mobility in your knee.

These methods are less invasive than surgery and in some cases are less risky, e.g. physical therapy, medications to treat your pain and inflamed joints and using walking aids such as a walking stick or crutch.

If the pain or mobility issues may be made worse by being overweight. Losing weight may help treat the problem.

What are The Risks of Knee Surgery? 

Every surgery carries with it risks. If you are going to be put to sleep by anaesthetic, then there will always be a risk of complication arising from being anesthetised.

The risks vary from surgery to surgery and your own general own physical health so it is always best to consult the surgeon that will carry out the knee surgery for a full assessment of the risks involved.

Speak to Your Provider of Knee Key-Hole Surgery in Warrington

Now that you know a bit more about knee key-hole surgery and who it can help, feel free to call us to further discuss how we can help you.

We provide both surgical and non-surgical treatments including physiotherapy, knee supports, and knee braces.

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