Why Should You Go Private for Specialist Knee Surgery?

My Knee Doc is a specialist Knee Surgeon that has been helping people in Manchester and Cheshire improve mobility in their knee joints and manage their pain using both surgical and non-surgical treatments for years.

When it comes to knee surgery, a wide variety of knee treatments are available through both the public healthcare system, the NHS, and through private health care providers.

But why should you go private for specialist knee surgery rather than using the NHS?

My Knee Doc is here to shed some light on the question in this blog post

Avoid Long Waiting Times for Surgery

One of the biggest drawbacks to using the public health provider, the NHS,  is the notoriously long waiting times that patients sometimes have to endure. Due to the high volume of people using the service, waiting times for surgery and treatments can often be lengthy.

To avoid this, seeing a specialist knee surgeon such as My Knee Doc can quickly provide treatment for patients and we'll never cancel appointments out of the blue.

Convenience for Surgery and Physiotherapy

Using a private specialist knee surgeon such as My Knee Doc, can be hugely convenient. Our surgery allows you the option to pick a time and date that suits your busy schedule for your appointments and knee surgery. Afterward, physiotherapy can be booked to meet your needs.

This sort of luxury is not always available on the NHS with appointments for both surgery and physiotherapy sometimes being delayed due to the huge pressures the NHS hospitals are facing.

A One to One Relationship with Your Surgeon  

For your peace of mind, when going private with a provider such as My Knee Doc, you can personally meet and speak with the specialist knee surgeon carrying out your surgery.

Being able to meet the surgeon, ask questions relating to the surgery and reassure yourself that you are making  the right choice for your treatment will, without a doubt, provide much-needed peace of mind for you as a patient.

As well as being able to meet the surgeon, you will also be able to meet other members of the surgical team such as the anaesthetist.

Expert Aftercare from Our Team 

As we previously touched on, the aftercare for patients that use our specialist knee surgeon is second to none. When you leave our surgery, you do not leave our care as we seek to support you in the full recovery process.

If you ever have a query or need advice regarding your recovery- we are a mere phone call away. This is not something usually available through public healthcare.

Contact Your Specialist Knee Surgeon Today

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